Unity grew out of the ancient mystical premise that God is Spirit

and is present within all life.  No matter what our differences

might be, everyone can communicate directly with Spirit and

receive guidance, comfort and inspiration.


For this reason Unity was originally conceived not as a separate

religion or denomination in the traditional sense, but as a

philosophy - a way of life that people could apply to daily living as

a support to their own religious beliefs.

Many people, however, were so captivated by the Unity teachings that they wanted to become part of a spiritual community - to attend classes and services, and experience the personal connection that a community of faith provides.  As a result the Unity movement developed, and today Unity churches and spiritual centers exist throughout the world! Unity promotes the oneness of all life, the goodness of all creation, and a personal commitment to positive and uplifting thoughts,words and actions.

Unity Worldwide Headquarters provides prayer, publishing and educational services to people of all faiths through SILENT UNITY, DAILY WORD AND UNITY MAGAZINE.  Our headquarters are located in Unity Village Missouri.


  • God is the One Creative Spirit and Source of All Life

  • Every individual is  unique and spiritual by nature, therefore inherently Good

  • We help create our life experiences through our Power of Thought

  • Through affirmative prayer and meditation we experience our Unity of Spirit

  • These principles are more than theory - we must practice them every day of our lives



Unity Sanctuary and Concert Hall

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