Welcome to Sunny Sky Preschool at Unity, where our

caring and experienced staff offers your young son or

daughter a bright new world in which to grow, learn,

and share. We are committed to providing your child

with a happy and secure environment where they can

explore the world and acquire a positive sense of self

while having fun with others under loving guidance.

We are especially dedicated to working with parents and  the community to help set the foundation for an excellent early-childhood education and the habits of lifelong learning. We encourage our students to make choices, solve problems, and develop curiosity, imagination, and self-expression through a balanced curriculum in language, math, art, music and movement, and creative play. Our primary goal is to demonstrate mutual support and respect for all students, staff, and parents, and to celebrate cultural diversity and individual talents.

                                                          Sunny Sky continually researches and embraces new ways to expand                                                                and enrich student learning, and works with parents and community                                                                  organizations to incorporate improvements in all of our programs. In                                                                addition to frequent informal discussions and conferences with parents,                                                              we offer a monthly newsletter with timely information on our preschool                                                              as well as items of related interest. And through occasional open houses                                                              and other events we engage the ideas, interests, and involvement of the                                                              wider community. 

Sunny Sky Preschool at Unity
For More Information, Call (805) 783-1960


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